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OPENED January 17th 2010
CLOSED February 17th 2010

Research Competition and Exhibition
If you are a student of college, and have research* (social or science). Its your time to join Narration guys. The science and social research which have passed the selection process will go to final and exhibit their research among another superior-non student research (the superior research will not have competition). The Exhibition will be the market for ABG (Academic,Business, Government) for maximize impact of research.

The theme is “Green Future Ahead” .
It can be studied from any perspective of your field of study

Do You have green future product?
new drainase system, paper without tree, fuel from orange, bioplastic, CO2 adsorber, integrated IT for public transportation,efficient car, or something that no one think before

Its time to NARRATION guys

If you dont have a product, you still can save future
do you have social research?
how to introduce saving-future live to children, how to engage people use biofuel, which part of law that should be changes, etc
If you know the problem we are facing now, and really know how to solve it

Its your time to NARRATION

So what are you waiting for?

we do believe “ Finishing your Research is just begining to make impacfull discovery”.

Further info
*Research which have compete in another competition is allowed to join Narration.
FB : Narration 2011
Twitter and Formspring : narration2011
Plurk : Narration_2011


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